2.14am ears screaming like never before, as if my brain is screaming ……foghorn osc noise, pneumatic thudding buzzing hum….   sleep impossible, living impossible.

1.06am worst ever screaming ears, worst ever pneumatic buzzing nuclear strength 80 hum, worst ever oscillating foghorn Morse code,  the atmosphere is buzzing, the house is buzzing, in agony, electric shock through nerves…..   sleep impossible, living impossible….   death by far preferable….   do you take a salary for doing this?   SHAME! SHAME! SHAME ON YOU….   evil bastards

10.37pm worst pain of my entire life, dripping sweat shaking in agony, worst ever cramping, pressure, scream8ng, nuclear strength 80 hum thundering IN the house…,10.39pm new worst everything ever pass out

8.20pm worst pain of my life, explosive blasting, buzzing hum…ears mega hell screaming, worst pressure, cramping, nuclear strength 80 shaking house…. stop it now.

7.36pm 5sunam8 of agony, nuclear 80 strength hum in my home, mega increase in screaming in ears, 7.37pm even worse…    how sick are you, knowingly torturing women and children?