9.10pm new worst torture ever…. the absolutely deafening  nuc 1600,000 hum is  blasting at stunning speed yet still pneumatic buzzing, ears worst ever screaming, osc noise blitzing…..    you have excelled yourselves evil bastards torturingwomen and children…. you are sick

7.36pm you have excelled yourselves, NEW WORST TORTURE EVER….worst mega blitzing  everything….    screaming is off the scale….  torturing bloody evil bastards, burn in hell.

6.42pm worst ever screaming ears, blistering whirrin* osc noise, the hum powerful blitzing….only option is death if this continues….   worst day ever

6.20pm FUCKNG HELLFIRE….   new worst thing ever, pain, pressure, shaking violently …evil bastards , get your fckng crap away from me NOW