7.45am ongoing the atmosphere is percusing, the structure of the house is percusing, Fast powerful oscillating noise, ears screaming. I am in searing agony, my heart still going bonkers, faint, sweating. Barely conscious

9.32pm being crufied ongoing….pnuematic thundering hum….oscillating noise very powerful, res and vib….all right side searing agony, full on megahell screaming in ears…9.34pm all just got worse, throat cramped up….you have destroyed our lives

7.14pm OMG…crucfied, mega blitzing hell, gripped in agony, very fast puematic Hum…even wore is right sided and screaming ears 7.16pm pass out

6 31pm beyond torture, right sided worst…as f sci fi energy weapon blasting through house. And worse again, throat totally cramped, pressure increasing, new worst thing..pass out

6.21pm being crucified , right sided worst pain, head, ear, body, right arm freshly broken sensation, ears screaming….death preferable to this torture