5.58pm deafening droning d noise, oscillating noise, searing energy blasting through house, ears screeching, gripped in agony, headache…5.59pm even worse, droning louder…chimney liners likely to vibrate to shreds,,,, pure torture

5.34pm ongoing whole house vibrating/droning…and just got worse…gripped in agony…5.37pm deafening droning with some rumbling noises.

4.43pm the most horrific wave of pain gripped I agony 4.44 pm and getting worse, lefts sided pain worst ever, as if kicked in side of head… d noise is going very fast…. absolute torture….4.46and another wave of torture, weak, shaky, all nervous system badly affected…

4.30pm even worse left sided pressured agony, throat cramped up, screeching louder…atmosphere like electrified liquid …. pure torture , 4.31p,m can’t swallow