6 45pm ongoing the loudest noise I ever heard, both d noise and new right sided like two foghorns blasting point blank in ears….  literally brain numbing torture… worst thing you have ever, ever inflicted….   no point being alive… I wonder if the child you are torturing is thinking the same thing…  don’t you give a toss if you drive her to suicide?

3.50pm even louder….   I can’t type enough quadrillions to express how much worse this is,   In the house , outside…3.5;2pm even worse, very fast transmitting of both left and right sided…the loudest noise I ever heard…like two foghorns of different pitched blasting at point blank range in my ears…    you like torturing children do you…. this is the worst torture ever….   bl..dy cowboys from hell.

Christ almighty, it just gets worse….3.26pm like two interplanetary foghorns blasting at different pitch…. worst thing you have ever done….. gripped in crippling agony….   so, you are quite happy to drive us to suicide? Load of incompetent cowboys from hell, let loose why something so dangerous, life destroying …… god protect us all.

2.50pm ongoing worst ever right sided sounds like a pure tone, I thought it was illegal to inflict pure tones…..  it’s around a 100hertz a constant electronic buzz, absolutely deafening, torture as last post…d noise very fast deep pitched….   fcking evil to inflict your torture…. hope you have to pay for it….  worst thing you have ever done to us.

2.27pm ongoing new worst torture….gripped in agony, Bayswater’s, barely conscious, sweating etc..new right sided worst ever deafening vibrating blast like a mid pitch foghorn blasting point blank in ear…..  d noise pnuematic very fast,2.29pm right sided even worse, ears screeching…   worst thing you have ever done…

1.06pm well you are excelling yourselves, if torturing women and children is your aimthat is…. just arrived back home and the new worst ever right sided is an electric buzzing hum, worst thing I ever experienced in my life, d noise droning, pulsing…. gripped in agony, sweating, shaking, feeling I will pass out, ears screeching, intense nausea…. horrific out.